Premium 26/28 cm Amaryllis kits

Our Premium Amaryllis kits come with a 26/28 cm Amaryllis flower bulb, plastic growers flower pot with Saucer and a bag of planting medium.


Regular 24/26 cm Amaryllis kits

Our Regular Amaryllis kits come with a 24/26 cm Amaryllis flower bulb, plastic growers flower pot with saucer and a bag of planting medium.


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Ludwig Amaryllis kits are available in stores from the   beginning of October until the end of December.

Common asked questions about Amaryllis flower bulbs.

How do you keep a flower bulb for more then one season? After you have enjoyed the first seasons blooms from your bulb keep it in the flower pot throughout the winter, watering around once every two weeks. After the last chance of frost has left your area move the flower bulb outside into the garden or keep it on the patio in a pot with a built in saucer or drain hole. (This way the bulb will not drowned if you get too much rain at one time.) Having the bulb in the garden in a shady area will be best. This will help restore the bulb with the nutrients to produce some new flower stems. Bring the flower bulb in before the first frost in the fall or late summer. Remove the leaves and clean up the roots. Wrap the bulb in some newspaper and place it in a dark cool dry location for 10 weeks. (i.e. the basement but remember if you keep in a fruit cellar make sure there are no fruits in it. Some fruits and vegetables give off ethylene gases that can kill your flower bulb.) After this dormant time period bring the flower bulb back out and replant in some new planting medium (soil). You should enjoy new blooms in around 6 to 10 weeks.

What does the sizing of the flower bulb mean? The size measurements that you see on the side of the box indicates the circumference of the bulb. The larger the bulb size the better chance of the bulb producing more flowers. Flower counts will vary from one variety to another as well.

Do I need to fertilize my Amaryllis after I plant it?  No Amaryllis bulbs do not require you to fertilize them after planting. The flower is already started within the bulb and all it requires is some soil (planting medium) to anchor the plant down, water, warmth and some sun light.


Dutch Belle


Lucky Strike

Maria Goretti


Dutch Belle

Lucky Strike




Help full hints

Your Amaryllis flower bulb will shrink a little bit during the growing cycle when the stems and leaves are coming out. When the buds are starting to open the flower might get top heavy and the bulb will now be a little loose in the soil. Place more dirt around to help anchor the bulb down. 

Other bulb kits

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