Company History

  Leo Berbee & Sons (Canada) Ltd. was founded in 1970 By John Berbee Sr. and Patricia Berbee. John brought the company over from Holland where his father founded the parent company in Holland back in 1928. Originally the company in Canada was located in Mississauga, Ontario. In 1991 the company was moved over to St.George, Ontario were it is currently located.

  The current owners of Leo Berbee & Sons (Canada) Ltd. are Trish Gonsalves and Ron Gonsalves. Trish has been with the company now for 24 years and Ron has been with the company for 23 years.


Memories from the Past


Leo Berbee & Sons (Canada) Ltd.

PO Box 430, St.George, Ontario, 

Canada, N0E 1N0

New production facility and show room

27 York Place, Cambridge, Ontario

phone: 1-519-624-8522


Trish Gonsalves

Ron Gonsalves


Coming soon, a retail shopping site at

Amaryllis floor displayers ready to be shipped out in 2011


Unpacking the lucky bamboo in 2005


Shipping Displays of Flower Bulbs in 2000


Visiting the market for Lucky Bamboo in China 2002