Lucky Bamboo

  Dracaena Sanderiana or better known as Lucky Bamboo is a great low maintenance plant. This plant is farmed in the sounthern parts of Asia like China, Taiwan and Indonesia. It can tolerate low light areas of the home or office and the vase or ceramic container can hold enough water to keep the plant hydrated for a couple of weeks. We have grown our bamboo in house with hard and soft water with equally great results.


Where does our Lucky Bamboo originate from?

Here are some photos from our trips to China to visit the Horticulture farms in China.


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Visiting the Lucky Bamboo market in China back in 2002


Visiting a farm that produces Curly Lucky Bamboo. Notice the wooden bamboo stakes that are holding the Lucky bamboo to the ground. This is where the lucky bamboo is forced to turn up to the sun.

Helpful Growing tips

-Lucky Bamboo does not like direct sunlight

-Lucky Bamboo does not like cold conditions, try to keep your lucky bamboo at room temperature. This plant can handle temperatures between 8C to 45C.